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This page contains url links to other Internet sites that you may find interesting.  They are not all based on Electric Cosmos principles.  But many of them are excellent and appropriate.  Also included are a few that I have authored or in which I appear. As time goes on, I hope to add more topics and more links. The web is a living thing and, as such, links occasionally die.  I will try and remove inactive links as best I can - I am aware of the problem.

Thunderbolts Website -  Thunderbolts.info*

Wal Thornhill  -  
The Electric Universe



Cosmology Quest 1 E. Kaal - Structured Atomic Model
Cosmology Quest 2 Parker Solar Probe
Cosmology Quest 3 Solar Wind - D.E. Scott CWRU
Cosmology Quest 4 Eric Lerner on S. Hawking
Cosmology Quest 5
Birkeland Current Intro 
Cosmology Quest 6  Magnetic Reconnection
Cosmology Quest 7  
Cosmology Quest 8
Cosmology Quest 9

Information about the Electric Universe

Thunderbolt Picture of the Day Subject Archive

Thunderbolt Blogs


Einstein's Special and General Relativity

Stephen Crothers Falsifies Black Holes


General Information

Plasma Physics
A star with a partial photosphere
Plasma cosmology
X-ray Flare from Brown Dwarf Star
Hannes Alfven (1908-1995)
QSO in front of a galaxy
Electricity in Space - Hannes Alfven
The work of C.E.R. Bruce
The Sun's Electric Glow
Sun's Temperature Inversion
SOHO Gallery
Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
Earth's Magnetosphere
Solar Corona
Maxwell's Equations

Planetary Nebulae

Halton Arp, Redshift, and the Big Bang 


Dr. Halton ("Chip") Arp The Big Bang Never Happened
"Seeing Red" Big Bang Theory Under Fire
Quantization of Redshift Temperature of Deep Space (CMB)
Halton Arp and Galileo Paul Marmet's View
The Galileo of Palomar Big Bang Fails a Test
Images of Arp's  Galaxies Cygnus A
Arp and the Peculiar Galaxies Open Letter to the Scientific Community*
Quasars - Are They Near or Far? Images of Radio Galaxies & Quasars



James Hogan's Cosmic Power Grid Craters I
IEEE Paper by D.Scott & A.Peratt Craters II
Radio Emissions from Jupiter Craters - The Accepted View

from Hannes Alfvén

“Scientists tend to resist interdisciplinary inquiries into their own territory.  In many instances, such parochialism is founded on the fear that intrusion from other disciplines would compete unfairly for limited financial resources and thus diminish their own opportunity for research.” -

“The peer review system is satisfactory during quiescent times, but not during a revolution in a discipline such as astrophysics, when the establishment seeks to preserve the status quo.”

"Students using astrophysical textbooks remain essentially ignorant of even the existence of plasma concepts, despite the fact that some of them have been known for half a century. The conclusion is that astrophysics is too important to be left in the hands of astrophysicists who have gotten their main knowledge from these textbooks."

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