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The Electric Sky is a book of 256 pages with full-color graphics authored by retired EE Professor Don Scott, a member of the Thunderbolts editorial staff. This book contains accurate, useable science for the experts, but it is written for the public, and presents the latest developments in the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology. It is a direct challenge to the current “gravity only” system of thinking. It undermines the non-empirical cosmological mythology of the “big bang” and the “expanding universe", while replacing it with real, confirmed  results from electrical science and high energy plasma laboratories.

A medieval philosopher, William of Occam once said, “New creations ought not be multiplied beyond necessity.” This is the classic “Occam’s Razor” principle that the simplest solution tends to be the right one. It now applies to black holes, dark matter, and other fictional fantasies that were devised because present-day astrophysicists obstinately ignore electromagnetic principles of engineering-science. Without resorting to imaginary, make-believe chimeras, the electrical paradigm, together with an understanding of intrinsic redshift, replaces the impossible energies and unfathomable constructs involved in prevailing “standard-models”.

The chapters in the book cover the history of Electric Universe/plasma cosmology, the electric sun in depth, Arp’s findings on redshift and the implications for quasars, galaxies, and gamma ray bursts. Professor Scott gives a simple electrical explanation for the solar magnetic polarity reversal, and the excessive heating observed in the Sun’s lower corona, things that historically have been impenetrably baffling to astrophysicists.

The left-hand column of links below contains descriptions of the contents of various chapters in The Electric Sky. These pages are designed to be read through in order, starting with the Introduction.  If you do that, the background information needed for understanding any given page will have been presented in an earlier page.  However, each of the topics is discussed in a reasonably self-contained way for anyone who just wants to pick and choose.  Enter the site by clicking on the  Introduction in the left column below.

The right-hand column below contains links to papers and comments written by Dr. Scott and others.


The Electric Sky

Assorted Papers


  Primer About 'Gas Discharges' (Plasma)

A Model of Interstellar Space

On the Sun's Electric Field

Plasma - The Fundamental State of Matter

Solar Surface Transistor Action

Missing Matter

Formation of Stars and Galaxies

Our Sun

Bayes' Theorem

Solar Neutrino Problem

Incorrect Assumptions I


Incorrect Assumptions II


Scott's Reply to Tim Thompson

Solar System

Scott's Reply to Tom Bridgman

Red Shift

Olber's Paradox

Our Universe - Discovering   

Magnetic Reconnection
Summary Electric Currents Key to Magnetic Phenomena
Quantization of QSO Redshifts (AppB) Steve Crother's Reply to Tom Bridgman
Solar Electron Flux (App C.) * Crother's Disproof of Black Holes
Transistor-like Behavior of the Electronic Sun Scott's Talk at NASA's Goddard Space Center

Radio Interview with Scott About the Electric Universe

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