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This webpage will give you an understanding of some important aspects of what is called the Electric Universe. Its author is a retired professor of electrical engineering who has been an amateur astronomer all his life. The main goal  is to give you a basic explanation of those phenomena out in space that most astronomers find to be mysterious but are clearly understandable from an electrically informed viewpoint.
A detailed  introduction and overview of the Electric Cosmos is presented in Dr. Scott's book:

The Electric Sky

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Birkeland Currents  

  A fundamental split between theoretical astrophysicists and plasma physicists/engineers began in 1908 when Kristian Birkeland proposed  that the Earth's "Northern Lights" (Aurora Borealis) were powered by a flow of electrical charges from the Sun. He was ridiculed for this idea by prominent astronomers such as Sydney Chapman. In the late 1940's American rockets that flew through and above the auroras confirmed that Birkeland was correct. The electrical streams he had predicted are now called the solar "wind" by astrophysicists. They are more properly named "Birkeland Currents."

NASA calls this Sun-Earth electrical connection a "Flux Rope". They say:


There is no 30 kV battery in space, but the Sun does maintain a higher voltage than the space around it that contains the planets. This voltage drives those Birkeland Currents that we now know power the auroras on several planets. Most cosmic currents are due to the interaction of plasmas and magnetic fields. When there is relative motion between plasma and a magnetic field, an electric current is induced in the plasma.

In 2015 Scott developed and published a mathematical/physical model that predicts the precise structure (shape and physical properties) of those Birkeland Currents as they journey the 93 million miles from Sun to Earth. That work too has been derided by pseudo-skeptics, so a major thrust of this website is to describe the structure of these "Birkeland Currents". We also present supporting evidence from recent observations that show this model correctly predicts several astronomical phenomena that have long been called "anomalous".

The remainder of this page is presently under construction. When completed, it will describe Scott's work with what is called the -

Scott/Lundquist Bessel Function Model of a Birkeland Current.

Until then, the first two Important Papers below describe the mathematical-physical basis of this work.

Important Papers

Birkeland Currents I: Force-Free Field-Aligned Model Derivation (2015)

Birkeland Currents II: BCs and Dark Matter (2018) 

Electricity and Magnetism in the Cosmos

Maxwell's Displacement Current  

Solar Surface Transistor Action

Solar Wind Acceleration

Voyager I Data Confirms Electric Sun

  Dark Electrons Found by NASA

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